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In the wide scene of nutritional products offered by the market in order to overcome the so-called “chemical paradigm”, ASCOR focuses on CITROBEX FEED, a powder complementary feed.

CITROBEX FEED, in fact, takes advantage of the properties (widely documented by scientific literature) of natural citrus extracts - especially those of Citrus aurantium or bitter orange - on animal performance and well-being. In particular, the complex nature of this natural extract, given to its compounds with antioxidant and natural antibacterial action, and modulating the physiological processes of immune response to inflammatory stimuli, can improve the rebalancing of normal intestinal microflora and the optimization of production performance even in critical situations.

In the light of regulatory pressure that aims to drastically reduce the consumption of antibiotics in mass therapy, promising scenarios are certainly opening up for "alternative" products (also in view of a rotation or concomitant use with veterinary drugs, although with precise technical and regulatory limits), scenarios that ASCOR faces with the scientifically rigorous approach typical of a Company that has been  a protagonist of animal health for 80 years,.

1)    The "recipe" of the product is in based on three main principles: safety for animals, for the operator and for the consumer: CITROBEX FEED contains substances that are naturally present in most of the food consumed by animals and humans; moreover, it is subjected to a strict self-control system, aimed at monitoring, among others, dioxins, heavy metals, quaternary ammonium salts and pesticides.

2)    The presence, with regard to the main components of CITROBEX FEED (C. aurantium extract, in a formulation enriched with lactic acid and citric acid) of a robust bibliographic background and of a  specific paper that certify its value in terms of nutrition aimed at animal welfare (Alvarez-Ordonez, Carvajal et al., 2013).

Field test of the effects of the product on animal welfare and production.

In this perspective, CITROBEX FEED (especially in monogastric species and calves) has shown a reliable response characterized, even within the limits of a product of natural and non-antibiotic origin, by an interesting consistency of results. This response concerns in particular the normalization of gastrointestinal performance, a very reliable indicator of the positive influence of the product on the microflora of this district.