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CITROSPIR is a liquid complementary feed containing plant extracts of different nature which overall have an activity aimed at physiological tissue well-being.

These plant extracts are:

- Salix alba, rich in biologically active salicylates, tannins and flavonoids

- Filipendula ulmaria, which in addition to tannins and polyphenols, is a plant rich above all in salicylates, i.e. flavonoid compounds precursors of salicylic acid (Newall, 1996).

- Echinacea purpurea, which supports the physiological functioning of the immune system by supporting the growth of the animal

- Citrus aurantium, which helps neutralize free radicals thanks to the well-known natural compounds with antioxidant effect, such as bioflavonoids and natural vitamin C

CITROSPIR is used as a support during veterinary treatments against pain and seasonal health problems, in cases of increased temperature (peripartum and warm environments) and for the physiological tissue well-being in general.

Being a liquid feed, it can be easily and promptly administered diluted in drinking water at the first symptoms, at a dosage of 50-150 ml per 100 liters of water, for an administration period of 1-2 weeks.